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Dick’s (well, Jan’s really) tricks

  1. Pasting text from elsewhere. Swipe and copy it, click on the T symbol above and then paste in.  This will insert text without any coding.
  2.  To make links in captions of galleries clickable you have to insert dome code – and that way you can use a simple ‘click here’ text instead of the rather ugly full url. The code is as follows – <a href=”http://www.whateverthenameis.co.uk” target=”_blank”>click here</a>
  3. To add a new image. Import largest image and then shrink for clickable. Go into image details and click on the pencil. Better way is to import small and, where necessary, large (readable) versions of the image via ‘Add Media’. First put small image on the page then, using the Pencil, click on Add Media > Add Custom and change url to the larger version of the image (usually A>B)
    JS-N says “All you ever need to do is upload one large image. Then you import that media, and in order to have a small version on the page, which you click through on, you choose from thumbnail etc, or make it a custom size(whatever height or width you change to the other numbers changes proportionately). The link is to the media file (i.e. the large version) and you should always go into advanced setting and click ‘open in new tab’.”
  4. Galleries. Once a gallery is made, to add it to a page insert this code:
    open square bracketnggallery id=7close squarebracket)
  5. To add a PDF: use the Add Media facility in same way as for pix. Always link to it on a new tab.
    JS-N says: “You upload to media (not from within a post or page). Go to media on the dashboard and ‘add new’. You then copy the URL and paste it in to the post or page as if it were any other link.”
  6. Adding a new page. Page attributes > Parent >e.g. Medical colleagues Add info > Publish. Drag down to right place. HELP – NOT SURE I UNDERSTAND THIS!
  7. Latest News. New events/news. Posts > add new > Add info and it goes to top of new Latest News page. Each item has its own page. To find an existing Latest News page for editing go to Posts > All Posts and look in there.
  8. To edit a page while in ‘Visit site’ mode. Click on ‘Edit Page’ in black band at top. It opens in a new tab. Alternatively, just have two tabs open and use one to view the live page and the other to do the editing.
  9. To open in new tab or not to open in new tab: For images which can be enlarged and for links to other websites – DO open in new tab. For link to another page on Edie’s website: – DON’T open in new tab.
  10. To make a list of section headings on a page put this code -square bracketmwm-aal-displayclose square bracket- and then make each heading Heading
  11. If asked by Jan to “upgrade the version of PHP” – go to TSOHost webpage ( log into control.gridhost.co.uk)  and select “manage” next to the website in question. Then, select ‘PHP version”. There you will be able to set it to 5.4.  The Username is dickrobi and the Password is 5FQ9y80vgf.
  12. that’s the link – what you need to do is look at the edit screen and you’ll see that I’ve added and anchor link. I did this by having the cursor in the right place and clicking on the anchor in the top row of editing icons. It then opens a box where you add the name of the link – in this case july2016. ANCHORS NEED TO BE IN lower case! One you’ve saved the page you can get the url – as demonstarted in teh one above.
    NB That anchor should have been 1916 NOT 2016!
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