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Edie returns to Barts hospital

Well, perhaps not entirely true but Lisa and I were so proud to give our Edie presentation to the League of St Batholomews Nurses All Day meeting on Saturday 12 October.  The Great Hall was full of Barts League members and what a wonderfully responsive audience they were. At the moment this is our last scheduled presentation, after over 90 ‘talks’ all over the country – from Kent to Glasgow – and what a perfect venue and audience for us.

The Great Hall is magnificent and probably hasn’t changed much since Edie trained at Barts almost 120 years ago.  Here it is:

It was made extra special by having our three children, Sara, Sam and Katie, with us as well as Hannah the daughter of Sue Light who contributed so much to helping me put Edie’s story together, first as as a website and later as the book version of her diaries.

Dick Robinson
Edie’s great nephew

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