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Edie’s new website is live!

Edie’s new website – www.anurseatthefront.org.uk – went live today- Tuesday 4 November 2014 – which just happens to be her great nephew’s birthday.

It’s been great working with Jan Scott-Nelson (more about her here) over the past few months. She has been endlessly patient in teaching me the tricks of WordPress and I hope it shows!

For the purists out there:  OK, we know that nurses like Edie were not AT the front but I have a couple of responses to that:

  1. We can blame the publishers of the book version (see details here) as they insisted that A NURSE AT THE FRONT was a wonderful title for the hardback and paperback versions of Edie’s diaries, and
  2. Although they were not right at the front, nurses were often in great danger; witness Edie’s accounts of having to move at very short notice when under fire and of the deaths of her colleagues under fire.

On a more cheerful note, here below are a couple of images to celebrate the launch of the new website.

Dick Robinson – Edie’s great nephew.


Well, after all the hard work, it deserves a celebratory tipple. Note the name on the bottle!


Some of Edie’s medals against a replica of her cape.

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