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Sister Ethel Maude RENTZSCH

Ethel Maude RENTZSCH; born on 5 April 1970 in Hackney, London the daughter of Benjamin and Marie (Edith) Rentzsch. Educated at Notting Hill High School, and trained as a nurse at King’s College Hospital, London, between 1896 and 1899.

Ethel Rentzsch was appointed as a Staff Nurse to Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service in May 1905 and promoted Sister in 1909.

She had a brother, Sigismund Rentzsch, which suggests the family were descended from the well known nineteenth century watchmaker of the same name. Ethel Rentzsch died in Brighton in 1941.

See the names index for dates on which she is mentioned in Edie’s diaries.

The information above was kindly provided by Sue Light.

Update July 2013:
I recently had the message below from Natalie Matthews, the great, great, niece of Sister Ethel Maude Rentzsch:

“Hi there. I am Ethel Maude Rentzsch’s great, great niece. I have a lot of information and certificates from Ethel, given to me from my late father, Terrence Rentzsch. The family tree has been well recorded as we are all descendants from the original Sigismund Rentzsch, clockmaker to the King. “

I am hoping to be able to add some of this material to this page. DR

If you are a descendant or have more information about this colleague of Edie’s we would like to hear from you. Please use the Visitor’s Book.

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