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Medical Officers in Etretat 1915/16

Medical Officers in Etretat 1915/16
This photograph shows Medical Staff and perhaps other officers in Etretat in 1915 or 1916. A number of the names are those of people whom Edie mentions in her diary.

We originally (September 2011) thought this might have been taken outside the Officers Mess at Villa Le Maupas. Now (December 2012), although we do not have conclusive information, we think it is very likely that this was taken at la Villa les Roses in Etretat which was used to accommodate male British medical staff during the period prior to the arrival of the Americans in June 1917. This idea is certainly supported by the second and third photographs below, taken in front of La Villa les Roses. This second photo (© Alain Millet) and the third one (by Dick Robinson in 2013) show the villa as it is in the 21st century.

Click on image to  enlarge and then again to enlarge further

Click on image to enlarge and then again to enlarge further

Many of the names are clear to see. Some of the names are clear to read but others are uncertain. Here’s what we think they are:

Front row seated Left to Right:
Illes (or Illers); Martyn; Major Nicholson; Col. Moore; ?; E ? Scott; E Billing

Name on Left:
R F Scott (or R J Scott)

Top row Left to Right:
Rev Frossard; Capt Pitcher; Capt Robinson (? Robertson); Lieu (?) Fraser; Lieu (?) McLaughan (?); Chaplin; F Woodcock C.F. (?Woodlock); Capt Weeks; H Gibbins Ward (?); Capt Davison; Lieu Reynolds

The names in bold above tally with names mentioned by Edie. We have a special page for Major/Captain Martyn here.

The photograph above was kindly supplied by one of the great nieces of Edie’s good friend and colleague, Kate Maxey. See her page here. (See the names index for dates on which she is mentioned in Edie’s diaries. )

Click on image to enlarge.       Now here is the 21st century photo of La Villa les Roses (© Alain Millet). We reckon the brickwork and the metalwork in front of the ground floor windows, alongside other details, provide convincing proof that the portrait of the medical officers was indeed taken in front of La Villa les Roses.

Taken in October 2013 from a similar angle to the black and white one, this photo of La Villa des Roses does seem to show that the two are of the same building.

If you are a descendant or have more information about these medical colleagues of Edie’s we would like to hear from you. Please use the Visitor’s Book.

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