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‘Nurse at the Front’ – the production (working title)

On this page you will find a number of links to more information about Edie and her diaries and some of the work done to date in development of the theatre production of ‘Nurse at the Front‘.

  • Nurse at Front website homepage: http://anurseatthefront.org.uk/
    The website includes the complete unedited original text of the diaries (click here for a link to all four volumes) as well as a wealth of information about Edie, her family and many pages on individuals – colleagues and patients – whom she names on her diaries.
  • Simon Armitage’s BBC2 Culture Show Special, The Great War – an Elegy was shown on BBC2 on 8 November 2014.  Featuring Edie’s diaries, it can be seen in a Vimeo version here.TXCardTGWAE

    The poem Simon Armitage wrote about Edie, Sea Sketch, was inspired by Edie’s diaries and particularly by her sketches. You can read it here or hear it read on the beach at Etretat by Edie’s great nephew, Dick Robinson, in the Vimeo link above.

  • Michael Morpurgo wrote a Foreword to the book version; it’s here.
  • Information about our Creative team and Academic Partners can be seen here.
  • Photos from R&D drama sessions at Northampton Royal and Derngate Theatre in February 2015 can be seen here.
  • Five sample script scenes and lyrics by our writer, Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, can be seen here. These were used at the R&D sessions in February 2015.
  • Also available are Morgan’s initial notes of possible scenes and situations to work with; these can be seen here.
  • An overview of the R&D music sessions is available here.
  • To view some initial notes by designer, Kate Bunce, click here.
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