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Edie’s time in Etretat 1915-1917

Edie spent at least 15 months based at No. 1 General Hospital – from November 1915 until early 1917.

Her diaries for that period record in great detail how she cared for the hundreds of wounded and dying men in her charge.  But she also records the many ways in which she used her time off – walks, swimming, sketching, etc.

These activities must have helped her to achieve some balance in her life and to remain strong and resilient to cope with the seemingly unending daily horrors with which she had to cope.

The page is here. Lots of photographs and information about the town as it was then and is now.

If you missed the beautiful BBC2 programme, The Great War – An Elegy, (broadcast 8 November 2014) which features Edie you can still see it here.  The page includes a link to the whole programme on YouTube.

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