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The Diaries – all four volumes

Click on the links above to access the full original text (including all her sketches) of Edie’s diaries. We have been entirely faithful to Edie’s handwriting which means that the ampersands (&) and dashes (-), of which she was very fond, appear a lot.  This makes reading a little cumbersome but we felt that it was important to keep any editing to a minimum. If you want an easier read then buy the book! But that, of course, is edited and the number of words reduced from over 100,000 to a manageable 65,000.

Volume 2 is in two parts as it is very long; in Part 1 she is located in various Casualty Clearing Stations and in Part 2 she has been relocated to Etretat.

If you have found this page it’s either because I’ve told you where it is or because a search engine somehow found it for you. To understand why the full text is not publicly linked see the explanation here.

After the book version was published we came across three letters written by Edie to her mother.  You can read them here. They are a very significant find as they were written in the period before the first volume of the diaries starts.

You can listen to some extracts from the diaries being read on Radio 4. Click here.

Any queries: contact the site editor Dick Robinson at ediesdiaries@gmail.com.  Edie was my great aunt and, as a child in the 1940s and 50s, I stayed at her home on the Isle of Wight many times. Very happy memories of helping her in her wonderfully productive garden and, especially, of feeding her precious chickens!


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