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Edie’s diary shown to the Queen

Update 15 November 2019

Here is a photo, just received from RBLI, of our meeting Her Majesty:…..and, yes, that is one of Edie’s diaries I am holding and about to show to HM.

9 November 2019

Well, what an amazing day in Aylesford with the Royal British Legion on Wednesday 6 November 2019. And how proud we were to be there to welcome HM The Queen as she opened the new RBLI care home for veterans and their families.

It was only a month ago that we heard, out of the blue, that the RBLI wanted to name the beautiful new building Appleton Lodge in honour of our relative, Sister Edith Appleton.  In looking for a suitable name for the building they had come across Edie’s diaries and, knowing that she had been born and grew up in Deal in Kent, the asked for our support.  Of course, we gave it!

Here’s a close up of the plaque:

Here’s a board in the hallway explaining all about Edie:

See more about the day on the RBLI website here: https://www.rbli.co.uk/entry/Her-Majesty-The-Queen-visits-Royal-British-Legion-Industries.

After HM moved on to other parts of the huge RBLI estate we stayed at Appleton Lodge and joined in the party there for staff and residents. Here we are enjoying a glass or two:

Dick and Lisa Robinson

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