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Barts Hospital

Update November 2017:  The archives department at Barts have kindly provided a photograph of several nurses, one of whom is wearing outdoor uniform which is very similar to that worn by Edie in the photo further down the page.  The date of this photo is 1900-1910 and the archivist, Kate Jarman, adds: “Edie’s bonnet is worn more prominently in the picture of her “. So, we have solved that uncertainty – Thanks Barts!
(SBHX8/883, Courtesy of St Bartholomew’s Hospital Archives. Their website is here.)

Early in March 2009 I visited St Bartholomew’s Hospital (Bart’s) where Edie trained between October 1900 and October 1904 and was able to track down some information about her time there.

Edith Appleton, young nurse

I think this is a Bart’s uniform which Edie is wearing. I would love to hear from anyone who can confirm (or refute) this. Email Dick Robinson at ediesdiaries@gmail.com.  Update November 2017: see comments at the top of this page.

The archivists were very helpful and dug out the relevant volume of the Matron’s Register of Probationers.  It seems that Edie progressed from ‘Good’ to ‘Very Good’ which is not the least bit surprising.  However, I would love to know what the sense of ‘Quite’ is in the final entry!

The page below is a copy from the Matron’s Register of Probationers and is included here Courtesy of St Bartholomew’s Hospital Archives.

Dick Robinson May 2009


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