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This new (November 2014) website is managed by Edie’s great nephew, Dick Robinson: ediesdiaries@gmail.com.

The original website was set up by Dick Robinson (my grandfather, Sydney Appleton, was Edie’s younger brother).  My cousins, Jill and Piers Stainforth (we share Sydney as our grandfather) who live in Canada, helped with turning the typed and handwritten diaries into text and provided background material and photographs.  We were advised and supervised by Anne Stainforth (Piers’ and Jill’s mother and Dick’s aunt), a favourite niece of Edie’s.

It was an emotional rollercoaster for us transcribing Edie’s diaries and we are immensely proud of her.  How can our generation, born in the 1940s, ever really understand how it was for people like our great aunt, Edie?  Well, perhaps this very personal account of one brave, resourceful and remarkable woman helps to enlighten us.

As we have already said, if by some great good fortune you are reading these diaries and can perhaps shed light on where the missing volumes got to, we would love to hear from you.  The missing sections are:

  • late 1914 to 5 April 1915 (see notes on Volume 1)
  • 16 November 1916 to 20 June 1918, and
  • 27 December 1918 to some time in 1919.
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