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Readings on BBC Radio 4 – 10 to 12 November 2009

Extracts from Edie’s diaries were read on the BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Reading programme on Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 November 2009.

In case you missed the live readings on Radio 4 or on BBC iPlayer, you can still hear them by clicking on the links below.

Rachel Atkins did a wonderful job of reading the extracts and we received many comments, from around the world, both on the content of the diary and on Rachel’s reading.  Here’s an example: “The voice of Rachel Atkins really does convey a picture of someone exactly like I imagine Edie, and sounds warm but also very practical and matter of fact…”

Thanks to Jo Green, the Producer, and her team at Pier Productions who made the programme for the BBC.

Episode 1. Broadcast on Tuesday 10 November 2009 (repeated Sunday 26 June 2011).
It is 1915 and Edie is based at Casualty Clearing Station Number 3 near Ypres, where she witnesses first-hand the horrors of war. In these dark days, small pleasures mean everything and the rare chance to have a bath is most welcome. Click here to listen.

Episode 2. Broadcast on Wednesday 11 November 2009 (repeated Sunday 3 July 2011).
It is 1915 and Edie has been moved to a hospital in Etretat on the Normandy coast, where she must supervise members of the Voluntary Aid Detachment. These are well-meaning but relatively untrained girls and, at times, Edie finds their presence somewhat trying. Click here to listen.

Episode 3. Broadcast on Thursday 12 November 2009 (repeated Sunday 10 July 2011).
It is 1918 and Edie is based at a grand hotel which has been turned into a military hospital, on the cliffs above Treport. Anticipation is growing that the war could be coming to an end. Click here to listen.

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