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Family photos

Here is a random collection of other family photographs which feature Edie, her brothers and sisters, nieces and their families as well as the family home, Buddlebrook, Brightstone, Isle of Wight from 1923 until Edie’s brother Fred Appleton died around 1960.

The family home was originally in Sea Valley House, 9 Golden Street, Deal in Kent. It was from here that Edward Appleton worked as a Trinity Pilot, escorting ships past the dangerous sands and shallows off the Kent coast. For information about, and photos of, the Appleton family home in Deal click here.

Want to view the Appleton family tree? Latest update is December 2009. Since Edie’s generation there have been a further four or five generations.  If you are a relative and unsure where you fit in, or just someone who wants to see how the Appleton tree has grown, click here to see the tree.  Be warned – it’s rather long!

If there are any mistakes or you have information about further branches, twigs even, let us know via the Visitor’s Book. If you have a lot of information to add or to correct, probably best to email Dick Robinson at ediesdiaries@gmail.com with any useful attachments, etc.

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