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See below for latest news about Edie and her diaries. Older posts can be seen in the archive.

An amazing new play – Edie’s War – is in production at The Plough Arts Centre in Great Torrington, North Devon in June 2022. Written by Olivier Award Winning playwright, Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, and directed by Susan Luciani, Edie’s War is on for seven performances between 15th and 18th June 2022.        … Read more

Edie talk on Zoom

While Edie’s website has been much viewed during the pandemic lockdown, we are giving our first talk abour Edie and her amazing WW1 diaries on Zoom on Thursday 2 July 2020 – to Barnet U3A.  Slightly nervous about the techie aspects of this but very pleased to be doing it! Many thanks for asking us… Read more

In her diary Edie makes several references to the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918.  In August that year she experienced it herself but, typically for her, she made light of it. Here’s what she wrote: 9 August 1918 …. A very funny thing for about 10 days: I have felt positively ill, like influenza, with… Read more

Yes, we are in “unprecedented” times with the worldwide coronavirus pandemic; but who would have thought, just a few weeks ago, that we would be making comparisons with the pandemic of 100 years ago. As the First World War ended the influenza pandemic took many millions of lives and, in her diaries, Sister Edith Appleton… Read more

Just heard (28 Nov) that the wonderful exhibition about Edie’s boss, Dame Maud McCarthy (“the Nurses’ General”), has been extended to 12 January 2020.  More information about the exhibition here: http://anurseatthefront.org.uk/dame-maud-mccarthy-exhibition/… Read more

On Remembrance Day we encourage you to see the exhibition honouring the life of Dame Maud McCarthy – “The Nurses’ General”. It’s on until 8 December and full information is here: http://anurseatthefront.org.uk/dame-maud-mccarthy-exhibition/… Read more

Edie’s diary shown to the Queen

Update 15 November 2019 Here is a photo, just received from RBLI, of our meeting Her Majesty:…..and, yes, that is one of Edie’s diaries I am holding and about to show to HM. 9 November 2019 Well, what an amazing day in Aylesford with the Royal British Legion on Wednesday 6 November 2019. And how… Read more

On Wednesday 6 November 2019 Her Majesty The Queen is to open Appleton Lodge in Kent. The Royal British Legion Extra Care Facility at Aylesford in Kent has recently completed a new 15 bed luxury care home for veterans and their families, alongside their existing care home. They have decided to name it Appleton Lodge… Read more

Edie returns to Barts hospital

Well, perhaps not entirely true but Lisa and I were so proud to give our Edie presentation to the League of St Batholomews Nurses All Day meeting on Saturday 12 October.  The Great Hall was full of Barts League members and what a wonderfully responsive audience they were. At the moment this is our last… Read more

Update 28 November 2019 Just heard that the wonderful exhibition about Edie’s boss, Dame Maud McCarthy (“the Nurses’ General”), has been extended to 12 January 2020.  Full information below. Update 11 November 2019 Such a privilege to be invited to the opening, last week, of the fascinating exhibition celebrating the life of Dame Maud McCarthy… Read more

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